Creative process

If you always wondered what creative process looks like, we prepared an infographic to explain it a little bit better. Although every project is different, and we approach it individually - some common points can be underlined and illustrated. OK, OK...we admit it, we only wanted to do an infographic. We love infographic, who doesn’t?!

BRIEF Receiving a new query for a new project. Sometimes it’s short, sometimes long, sometimes good, a lot of times bad. :) RESEARCH Researching the web from A to Z. Finding and exploring what similar project are already done, in attempt to find the edge which will accentuate our client from the competition. Market research Brainstorming Moodboards SKETCHING All designers looooove to doodle. Every design starts with designer doodling stuff in their notebook. Keeping in mind all the research and inspiration gathered, best ideas are sketched and filtered. DESIGNING With inspiration and sketches in place, our design proces begins with forming engaging ideas and fuzing them with captivating design. Our design process typically introduces multiple concepts and design options. Digitalization Beautification We take our beautylicious concepts, put them in a presentation form, write explanation texts and send it to our clients for the first view. PRESENTATION Based upon received feedback, chosen concept is developed and given visual and textual refinement. Aesthetic of the visual is completely finalized. DEVELOPMENT Feedback Corrections Finalization In correlation with our production department, the best materials, press and postpress processes are defined. Every step of production process is monitored. That is why we can offer the best quality product every time. PRODUCTION Project or product is produced and delivered to the customer. Praises are received, and smiles appear on our faces. FINAL PRODUCT