Gordan avatar
Gordan Janković
key account manager

Be very careful with this one - with his happy and relaxed character he will charm you in seconds and no other account manager will ever be good enough for you. He will steal the key to your heart like the best key account manager there is.

Monika avatar
Monika Gagulić
Key account manager

Monika is a force to be reckoned with. She is a specialist in many areas - from account management, production, finance, etc. You won't find a more well rounded account manager so easily, believe us. With her special skill set, she will make your life so much easier and that much happier.

Miljenko avatar
Miljenko Surla
Executive Producer

With his rich work experience there is no problem he can't solve. Resourceful, experienced and always in a good mood, he makes every project seem painless and easy.